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on1 dutch



  • Jurgen Schraepen

    Hi Frans,
    Maybe you can elaborate about the issues you have. What is not working for you? Where the big issues?
    Maybe someone can help you out.
    If you want I can try to help you in Dutch.


  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Frans, you seem to speak English, if so, just change the language. On1 is working on better translations.

  • Rob Kristiaan

    I'm also a dutch user and I have to agree with Frans the dutch translation is absolutely terrible.
    The bad thing is it is pretty hard to find the setting to change it back to english due to the bad translation.
    For me its not a deal breaker in english it all works fine, but my recommendation is to just disable the dutch language until the translations are fixed.

  • Jan Willem

    Agree, the Dutch translation is stupidly stupid ;-(

    To switch to English go to menubar at the top of the screen: Follow On1 Photo Raw -> Voorkeuren -> toepassingstaal ...



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