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Can I view the left hand Presets/Filters pain as a list?



  • Alan Howe

    Pane . 


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    At the bottom of the View menu is the command Preset Browser which lets you choose a List or Thumbnail view for them.

  • Samuel Tegenfeldt

    Thank god for that!

    But is there a way to make it a true list, or even better, a tree-view, without previews too?
    I LR I used a lot of presets, many were utility presets. Like, I know that if I scan a roll of pushed Ilford XP2, I have some common fixes I always applied. So I made a bunch presets that I could click instead. Some customers liked a very specific style, so I made presets for them as a starting point. Common adjustments I repeatedly did got their own presets too.

    The current preset browser only goes true list on top-level. If I have sub-folders, which I do, they are now empty thumbnails that truncate the folder names. And each preset within them has a preview.
    I rarely need them because i know what they do because of their descriptive names. And the few occasions where I would need to, I can click the button with the four little boxes to preview them.

    I feel like the thumbnails was useful for the first two days, then they are mostly causing unnecessary scrolling and trying to come up with short-codes to avoid truncating the names.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    No, what you see is what you get. Most people want to see what a preset is going to do before they apply it, hence the previews.

  • Samuel Tegenfeldt

    That certainly complicates my workflow. Things I did with three clicks in LR now requires jumping between subfolders since I cannot keep the most used ones open at the same time.

    Just a quick example from LR that I did just yesterday:

    1. Click the "+1/3 exp" preset
    2. Click the "soft s-curve" preset
    3. Click the "cooler shadows" preset

    The reason I didn't have a single preset for that is because I have seven exposure presets, five s-curves and five shadow and highlight presets (and more) that I may want to apply differently depending on the photo. That's 175 combinations for only those parameters. :D
    But it was a super quick workflow. I could storm through a great number of pictures after the initial "Yes/no" phase using a hand on the arrow keys and a few quick clicks on my utility presets to give a very good starting point for further evaluation/picking. It would basically go like "NEXT Click-click-click NEXT click-click NEXT click-click-click-click" and so on.

    Can you, or I, add it as a feature request somewhere? It feels like a happenstance feature when you can organize presets into subfolders but the subfolders are presented as previews but without the preview.

    And I'd really like to be able to bring with me this efficient workflow i have developed over the years in LR. It may sound picky, but every minute saved is important when you come home with a few memory-cards of photos.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Each preset has a heart tag you can click. All presets with the heart tag clicked will show up in the Favorites category so you can see all of your favorites at the same time regardless of how they are stored.

    ON1 has the ON1 Photo RAW Project page for users to make suggestions for new features for the program. After a suggestion has been posted the company will evaluate it then make it public for other users to vote on. When enough people have voted for an idea the company will incorporate that suggestion into a future update.

    You should also be aware that simply clicking on a Preset causes that preset to take the place of any other editing you may have done. In order to 'stack' presets you must be in the Edit module with the Effects pane selected. Now you can right-click a preset and choose the Insert Preset command to have its components added to the stack rather than replacing what is already in place. Option-clicking on a preset does the same thing.


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