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PhotoRAW very slow to "save settings" and "close down"



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You can improve the program's performance noticeably by adding an SSD dedicated to its scratch space and browser cache. Having your photos on their own fast drive helps as well. I got a 120GB USB3 drive for this purpose.

    Once you've got the drive go to Preferences > System and change the Scratch Folder Location and the Browse Cache locations by clicking the Move button.

  • Tom Heisey

    I moved the Photo RAW cache with no problem, though it took many hours.  However, the PerfectBrowseCache has been nothing but trouble.  I've tried five times now and it's failed each time with a message that simply says an error occurred.  Each try takes from 10-20 hours to get to the point where it fails and the computer isn't very usable during that time.  I'm currently trying to move it to my spinning internal drive to see if that cleans up the index (size = 0, cleared out).

    I have had no problem loading Lightroom, Photoshop, browsers, and Topaz simultaneously, yet to run PhotoRAW, I usually have to shut down everything else to reduce wait times.  I have too much work to do to spend most of my time waiting for the program!  I want to like the software, but I've got the latest release and it performs like a dog.  

    I'm trying to put a 4GB Browse Cache on a 32GB USB 3 flash drive with the PhotoRAW Cache.  It did give a space error with a smaller drive, but not with this 32GB drive. 

    However, even with the Browse Cache cleared and set to zero, it's taken hours to transfer to the cache to the platter drive that holds the catalog.  It's an experiment to see if moving it there would reorganize the index or whatever to allow transfer to the faster flash drive.

    At any rate, does moving the caches take forever for anyone else?
    Has anyone put the caches on USB flash drives? 
    If 32GB is too small, what size should I use?  (roughly 100k photos in the catalog)


  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Like I said in the other thread. My cache is 66gig for 40,000 photos.

    Also, with 100,000 photos it's going to take a while to close the database during shutdown.

  • Tom Heisey

    Rick, thanks for the info.  Moving the caches solved the problem and PhotoRAW is now working much faster!  It's not quite as fast as Lightroom, but it is acceptable.  Thanks again!

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Tom, keep in mind with Lightroom you have to import before you can do anything. With On1 you don't, but the catalogues run in the background while it's dealing with multiple filters and layers. They work differently which will have a different impact on how they operate.


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