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Organizing Presets



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    "which a "dot" release of 2020 step all over my work?"

    If you mean, will 2020.1 mess up your organized presets, no, they should be fine.

    No guarantees with 2021 though.

    Once they are organized, you might try Exporting and Re-Importing them. If that works for you, then you have a way to back them up in between any updates

  • Rich Purdum

    Rick, thanks...I am mainly worried that if I mess around with the organization of the presets that come with 2020 what will happen if they show up again in 2020.1 with the "factory" ON1 organization structure.  I suppose I could move them all into "ON1 Standard Presets" and then the ones I want to use from there into my own structure.  I guess I then export that whole thing as a precaution to "release proof" the work with minimal rework.

  • Rich Purdum

    Turns out Manage Extras supports multiple select so moving blocks of contiguous objects is a cinch.

  • Steven Kurzrok

    My preset column is a mess and because of that I just dont use presets very much although I have a bunch of them. I Know I can do the organization through "extras", but am  a bit stuck about organization. I have consolidated luts folders under Luts and Textures under Textures, B+W presets but wonder how others have grouped their Color presets. Without some organization the presets get quickly out of hand and become less useful. The color preset folders are often names Autumn whimsey, or Desert winds which is less than helpsful  and I wonder if anyone has an organization structure for their presets to make finding a likely candidate manageable?




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