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Smart Albums



  • David Ashton

    OK, so I found more info. This function is now under "Filters".

    SO now I must ask "Why?" It was perfectly happy (me too) where it was. Under Albums.

    Come on "ON1". This makes no sense.




  • Jan Willem

    (See pages 29-33 of the User Guide for more details). Don't know why they changed it...


    I agree. Removing the smart album function is not understandable. The new function Advanced Search is replacing the smart albums, however this new function is pretty useless. I asked ON1 for an explanation why smart albums were removed and did not get an answer. I am not impressed. Looking at other software alternatives.

  • Levin Rodriguez

    It seems that the "Smart Album"has been replaced with a combination of filters that can be saved into "styles"... the new style is a lot more difficult and cumbersome. For instance, I like to create these albums as "2020 PSD" or "2020 TIFF" that way I can more quickly and easily see all files that match both parameters.

    But to select the time/year is a lot more cumbersome, there isn't even a Calendar widget to help, it must be typed...  it is like going back to Windows 3.1

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    It's easier to use the Dates tab than it is to enter the dates in Advanced search.

  • Subias Gilles

    The worst is some users can't use albums without crashes (cf my post last week and answer of the tech support*): deleting photos from an album make PR crashes. Instead of working on AI features, developers should be more work on bug fixes. Albums, smart albums, if you can fairly use them, as Brian words "PITA" (I had to search goog for translate it in french !), it's PITA !!!

    I searched for ETA too, ETA ! PITA !

    *We have an open bug that is currently being worked on for a crash that can occur when deleting a file from an album.
    This is slated to be addressed in a future update.
    I just don't have a specific ETA yet for when this will be.


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