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ON1 2020 Crashing



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    You could watch for a corrupted photo. If you get to a certain folder and On1 stars crashing, try to determine if it's something in that folder, if so, create an empty folder and copy the files a few at a time into it until you get to the one causing the problem.


  • Tomas Nilsen

    I feel you i really like and hope that ON1 photo raw will be the "king" for editing software. But 2020 has more crashes and feels like a beta. we buy the software and wanna use it, not spend our time on forums and try to find solutions.

    The images and what I did when to program crash works flawless in lightroom. 

  • Vandiver Chaplin

    I have the same issues with ON1 Photo RAW 2020. It is worse in the Photo RAW 2020 update on my Mac running OS X 10.15.2 (and OS X 10.14). 2020 was to have a speed increase switching quickly between images. (Note earlier versions of ON1 were really slow, too, but no spinning wheel.) If I restart my MacBook Pro, ON1 Photo Raw work better for a short bit and then the spinning wheel starts. It either takes several minutes to clear or I have to force quit the app. 

    I pay good money for a yearly subscription and like ON Photo RAW mostly. Except for the slowness and crashing. I am re-considering my image editing options. I use Photoshop with NIK plugin, Lightroom (some) and Capture One Pro for some projects. I have NO crashing issues, speed issues (slowness) with any of these software apps. On top of that ON1 Photo RAW export feature is takes ten times (may be more!) to export a processed image. Lightroom is good and Capture One is the best. I can actually export processed images out of Capture One in multiple resolutions, into different folders and adjusting the file name all at one with little time increase. Capture One's export is fast! ON1 also only exports PSD files as 16bit images. I do not always want 16bit when 8bit will do. There is the pref to set the images to 8bit but it ghost. Everything is 16bit. I have ask the ON1 team on a number occasions of the years why only 16bit export. What I heard from them was....nothing. No response to any of my questions.

    So, let's get with ON1. Live up to your statements and answer a question sometimes. You all have answered just one question I have asked. That is with creating a support ticket as well.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Hi Vandiver,

    ON1 rarely comments on these forums. You are speaking to other users here who may be able to help or offer suggestions.

    How is your Mac set up? Do you have everything on the same drive — OS, program, photos, scratch space, browser cache? That's a lot of I/O being done all on one drive and when it happens simultaneously things will get slow. I recommend adding an SSD dedicated to just ON1's Scratch space and its PerfectBrowseCache. You'll see a noticeable increase in performance by doing just that. Having your photos on a separate drive, preferably an SSD, will also give some boost in performance. FWIW I'm running a 2017 15" MacBook Pro with only 16GB of RAM and a 250GB SSD boot drive. I have a 250GB external SSD for the scratch and browser cache space and all my photos are on a separate SSD. I don't have any problems with the program crashing and it's speed is just fine.

    The only thing you are subscribing to is the Plus membership and that is completely optional. Your purchase of the program does not require continuing yearly payments to keep it running. Once you've purchased it you own it and it will run until advances in newer OS version prevents it from running.

    You can create 8-bit PSD files by using the Send To Photoshop command. Go to Preferences > Files and turn on the option Show these options every time. Now the Edit In dialog will allow you to pick the bit depth. Yes, the Export feature does always export 16-bit images regardless of that setting. That's a bug in my opinion. I used the Send To command to move this image with its edits to Photoshop CS6:


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