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How can I completely fresh start with Photo Raw 2020



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Follow this guide, there is a link to an uninstall script at the end.

    Afterwards, follow Brians guide here to make sure all folders are gone.

    Reboot your PC before reinstalling the program.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Uninstalling the program does not affect any of the user data that the has generated. It also leaves several pieces in place. Here is how to get rid of it entirely. Delete the following folders and files:

    1. /Applications/ON1 Photo RAW 2020
    2. /Library/Application Support/ON1
    3. ~/Library/Application Support/ON1 — This is where all your user data is stored
    4. ~/Library/Preferences/com.ononesoftware.ON1xxxx2020.plist — There are 7 of theses
    5. /Library/Frameworks/ONxxxx.framework — There are 8 of these

    What kind of weird things are happening with your Cataloged folders?


  • Fred Tedsen

    Thank you for that, Rick and Brian.  What's going on with ON1 that they would provide such an incomplete removal process?  I'm getting the idea that more polish goes into promotion than the actual product.

  • Ken Renton

    I followed the suggestions for removal of 2019 and the surprising result is that Raw 2020 is now considerable faster and the occasional hangups seem to have disappeared. I use a win10 setup.  I am now very happy with the new version of the program.


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