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Poor Raw Quality



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Since you already have examples, I would suggest that you submit a support request  to On1 here...

    Attach your examples with your description which you can copy from above. Also, include the info requested in this article.

    Keep in mind that today is Friday and you likely won't get a reply untill Mon or Tues.

  • Henry Maddocks

    Done, thanks.

  • Ralph Louzon


    I experimented some same issues with Olympus ORF files on both ON1 2019 and 2020.

    The RAW out of the box is undoubtably less clean than the same picture open in any of the RAW converter I have.

    Less micro contrast and, more important, much less details in the highlights with no recovering possible. The contrastry parts of the image are easily washed out.

  • Kevin Pinkerton

    I noticed a similar difference in NEF raw files and I was only comparing it to a free Nikon Capture NX-D conversion. I also opened a ticket and I did finally get a response that said they agree and put it on the queue for fixing. My test showed that this problem was also in 2019.6 as well as the most recent build of 2020. It was noticeable enough that I now use NX-D to convert the raw file into a TIFF and then open the TIFF in ON1.

  • Jack Blackstone

    I still use Adobe for my LeicaQ2 as side by side comparisons confirm Adobe much better than ON1 for the Leica. ON1 does fine with my Olympus E-M1MKII

  • Ralph Louzon

    Funny Jack, with my E-M1 M2 ORF files Lightroom, Luminar and (above all) Capture one have much much better RAW engines than ON1...
    To a certain extend it's probably a matter of taste, but objectively my pictures opened in ON1 are more flat, have less micro details and above all the highlights are brutal (this zone between HLs and white). Highlights and contrast sliders are weak and rather inefficient. 
    What I can sometimes appreciate with ON1 is its ability to develop and transform the picture in specific ways, in B&W in particular, but certainly not the "out of the box" RAW developpment.


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