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Why I chose not to upgrade to On1 PR 2020 from 2019.6



  • Henry Seiden

    I would agree generally with the poster, Robert, about a lack of improvements to the specific points he mentioned (of some long standing items) and the feeling stated. To paraphrase, On1 is NOT improving nor fixing many reported bugs of long standing, especially deeper ones that might involve a 'sea change' to their tech design, rather favoring the whiz-bang approach -improvements for marketing purposes. 

    Hoping for another update before considering jumping into 2020.

    And BTW, pricing should have been adjusted for the sales so the upgrades prices is equally lowered for all the loyal users. Just my 2¢... For $60 it might have made more sense.

  • Henry Seiden

    One big thing (suggestion I made) regarding asset management that has never been addressed at On1... Use of thumbnails in browse mode without having huge media files on your device. I think that I will have to make the plunge to Camerabits for asset management so I can take my images on the road with me to browse them. 

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Henry, not exactly sure what you mean, but if it's about the size of the thumbnails, there are 3 options when you create your catalog. From page 26...

    • Standard, which extracts the image
      metadata and EXIF thumbnail and
      creates a high-quality thumbnail and a
      fit-screen-sized preview.
    • Medium, which extracts metadata,
      EXIF thumbnail and creates a highquality
    • Minimal, which extracts metadata and
      the EXIF thumbnail only.
  • Henry Seiden


    Not quite what my comment is about. What I had asked for was a way to save the thumbnails on a different drive than my full-size RAW files for portability so I can browse my media files, ingest new items into temporary locations off-line.

  • KP H

    I have been with ON1 for several years now and I agree with the post.  Speed is lack luster and why upgrade if there not really able to increase editing speed esp in layers.  I have 500 raw files shot with a canon 5Dsr try loading and editing these is a drudgery and I might as well pack a lunch and dinner to get through all these in a timely fashion. I have been requesting for several years to get this fixed, managed, updated and its still SLOW.

    When I load smaller files from 16 to 26 MB, it is better but still a slog.

    Further, try combing a few of those large raw files in layers. cant wait to see how it handle 75 - 100 mb raw or larger.   AND as I move through editing the files the ON1 software --2019vr  seems to slow down, not merge layers to export properly.

    I love what there trying to do, but I just cant stand it anymore after this many years and will be looking at the other offerings, sorry ON1 but your not doing what you should and maybe your hoping to get a Venture cap to come in a buy you out and are just cruising along with minimal upgrades----sad!

  • Kevin Pinkerton

    I feel much like KP H, and I too have been trying other options. For the basic raw editing, I extremely impressed with Capture One. They have tons of webinars and videos as well and though it lacks the artistic capabilities of ON1, it is growing on me right now. It is extremely solid performance wise, bug wise. 

  • Henry Seiden

    I have one suggestion for you guys with 500 images to import, Photo Mechanic! I tried and I'm hooked. Every customization you can imagine. It's gear to sports- particularly racing events photographers and wedding photographers that cull through enormous image counts. I was impressed by all it could do. And not a huge learning curve for me. 

    EXTREMELY FAST! You should try (30 day trial) Photo Mechnic 6 is also a step up from v5, BTW. 


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