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how to photograph stained glass windows in cathedrals/churches



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    John, if you don't get any suggestions here, a quick Google search finds lots of hits for this subject.

  • andrea pedrazzini


    Using a Nikon Camera you can play with the Active D-Lighting setting to extend the sensor dynamic gamma or you can use the HDR function.

    During the postproduction in Photo Raw you can use the local adjustment to Burn/Dodge the over/under exposed areas or, again, you can generate a HDR image starting from 3-5 images taken at different exposure.


  • Andre Moreau


    You would need to shoot RAW, as you'll probably need to adjust WB in post. Can't do that with JPEG's as WB is burned into the file. With JPEG's you can adjust Temperature and Tint but not WB.

    As for the picture taking part, use a tripod if you can otherwise you're looking to shoot at about ISO 1600-3200. Do not use auto ISO. Also use manual exposure. Once you've determined the correct exposure for one window (look at the histogram, ETTR) then all the windows on the same side of the church will have the same exposure (Aperture, Speed, ISO, WB will remain the same).

    Repeat procedure for the other side of the church. In post, adjust color, WB and contrast as needed then synch all pictures of the same side of the church.


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