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On1 can't handle high ISO/low exposure



  • Don Maclean

    Not a profile issue, try the 2020 model for noise reduction.
    This video will help you to learn how to apply NR ...

  • Ray Miles

    Thanks. The video didn't actually add much (although as someone new to ON1 I have already discovered Scott Davenport and like his tutorials). The photos already had noise reduction applied, but this time it occurred to me to do so BEFORE adjusting exposure, highlights, shadows etc. The result is SO much better:

  • Henry Seiden

    Does anyone have suggestions on the preferred hierarchy for all adjustments? Cropping>Noise reduction> detail>application of layers? Would airing be a preferred of doing this so as to allow the positioning of layers to confirm the differences? And what about layering the camera adjustments, is this even possible, a la Photoshop?

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Take a look at page 8 of the User Guide. Toward the bottom of the page is a section titled THE EDITING PIPELINE IN ON1 PHOTO RAW 2020. It describes the order in which the program processes the edits made to an image.

    As a theoretical matter it makes no difference in which order you perform your edits. The program processes them according to its pipeline algorithm. In reality however it can make a difference in the program's response during the editing. Filters like Dynamic Contrast or Sharpening take a lot of processing power and if they are done early in the workflow the speed of applying later edits can be affected especially when working on masks. This is why you'll sometimes see recommendations that filters and local adjustments be turned off when masking edits get too slow.

    The order of the filters can make a difference in other ways too. If you make some color adjustments then apply another to correct certain areas changing the order of those filters can show a difference in the final color of the image. You wouldn't want the corrections for one filter to be applied before the colors being corrected need correcting.

    How you order your filters will depend upon what you decide needs to be done as you make your edits. I don't think there is any one preferred or "best" order for doing things. I switch back and forth between different modules as needed.


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