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PerfectBrowseCache: FastBrowse v WatchedContent



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I believe the FastBrowse is where the thumbnails are stored for images in folders you've browsed so the program doesn't have to render them over again each time you return to that folder. WatchedContent is how the program keeps track of what has been cataloged so the catalogs can be updated with new images even if you haven't yet browsed to them.

    The map could be one of two things I can think of. If you browsed to your Desktop after taking the screenshot it would show up there. The other is if you've used ON1's Map view. Just guessing here.

    Have you seen this? While it doesn't specifically mention either of those folders it does explain how the program uses the catalogs and caches.

  • Ray Miles

    I guess it's no use fretting over. It transpires that the tiny thumbnail is of map in png format showing the route to my house from the main road and which is stored in my Dropbox folder. Since On1 has some kind of Dropbox integration I guess that explains it.

  • Raymond Griffiths

    You need to keep an eye on the size of the FastBrowse cache. Once it is full, you will start to get long delays (spinning beach ball) while the system makes new space. The process is extremely slow and everything stops while it is working, it's akin to a complete lock-up. Emptying the cache is the only viable step once this starts to happen.


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