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2020 blurs photo when editing



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    In the Preferences > System tab there is a section near the bottom labeled Performance. Try turning off the Fast Preview option. You can also try adjusting the Video Card Strength slider to see if that makes any difference.

    The System tab settings are discussed on page 197 of the User Guide.

  • Carol Teater

    Ah, thanks, Brian! The settings are a bit different with 2020. Below are what I had for 2019 and 2020:


    Changed my 2020 settings to:


    And, PERFECTION!!!!

    Thanks so much, I knew I had to be missing something or another, as I never had this problem with the older versions, and they were overall much slower than 2020.

    Carol :)

  • Ken Renton

    I have the same problem as Carol.  I tried the exact suggested changes that worked for her but unfortunately I still have an image that blurs when using the crop or local adjustment tools. The blurring stops and the image becomes sharp as I release the mouse button.  I am sure this is a simple fix.....any ideas. Ken


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There isn't anything to fix Ken, this is how the program works. The controls in Preferences > System give you some control over the program's sensitivity to when blurring starts but you're unlikely to get rid of it entirely. You have to play with the settings until you find what's acceptable for the image you're currently working on. I change my settings regularly as my image demands.

    If you're a Windows user read through some of the threads in the Windows section of these forums where there is discussion on how to set up the OS and video card driver settings for optimal performance.

  • Marc Labro

    This bug is tedious !

    I have purchased a new NUC pc with a powerful graphic card and editing is blur.

    Why should i disable anything ?

    ON1 developers should support new graphic cards under win10.

    lightroom, photoshop and luminar don't have this bug.

    best regards



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