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DAM Issue #1 - Where Did the Keywords Go?



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Are you using Catalogs? Double-clicking a keyword in the Keyword List "searches your cataloged folders for that keyword". (Pg 46 of the User Guide). Also, "Photo RAW is actually performing a search in the Filters pane". If you do not use catalogs you can search by keyword but it will only search the whatever is currently being displayed in the browser, i.e., the current folder and its sub-folders when you turn that option on.

    If you are not using the Embed Metadata command to write your metadata edits back to the images that support them, RAW does not, pixel formats do, then the only place they get saved is in the program's internal database and the .on1 & .xmp sidecar files. Both of those are text files so you can view them in any text editor.

    There is a bug where sometimes the program will not find the images it pulled a keyword from. In my experience that only happens with keywords that were embedded in another program then read from the image when it was displayed in the browser. I don't know why that happens, it doesn't make any sense that it finds the keyword when it reads the photo data but can't find the photo when the keyword is searched for.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Just a note, you can't show sub-folders unless you're using catalogs. So, without catalogs, you're limited to searching only the current folder.

    Page 37...

    • Check Show Sub-Folder Contents when you want to view the contents of all sub-folders (this only works when you are viewing cataloged folders).
  • George Hall

    Yes, I'm using a catalog.  I cataloged my entire collection - I have a Pictures folder with 2,105 folders/subfolders, approximately 160 gb in size, and approximately 35,000 photos.  It took about 5 hours for the catalog to be created. My folders are arranged by year, with some old family photos going back as far as the 1800's, then each year has sub-folders.  Searching used to work well - I usually just used the filter pane, but also double-clicking in the master keyword list worked fine.  My keywords include the names of folks in the photo - so I could easily search for the keyword "John Smith" and display all such photos taken throughout the years.  But for some unknown reason, the keywords have disappeared and of course now when I double-click on "John Smith" I get nothing.  I have opened several of the .on1 sidecar files using Notepad and verified that there are no keywords in them now. 

    Whatever happened, it only happened with ON1 2020.  

  • George Hall

    A side note that may be related - I just noticed the post where someone is reporting that they lost all their editing adjustments after upgrading to on1 2019.7 (I think this was the version - at any rate, an upgrade/update seems to have been the initiating factor).  Since editing instructions and metadata is all stored in the sidecar files, there MAY be something going on where ON1 is messing with the sidecar files when it is updated.  I know that makes no logical sense, the sidecar files should simply remain untouched during an upgrade - but something weird seems to be happening regarding data stored in the sidecar files. 

  • George Hall

    This forum is messed up - I often have to enter my comments twice because the 1st attempt doesn't work.

    I use Microsoft Onedrive for my primary backup, but when ON1 "ate" my keywords the OneDrive backup simply mirrored those changed files so it seemed I really had lost all the effort I put into keywording. Fortunately I had made an offline backup of my photo folders a couple of months back, and these .ON1 files contained the keywords.  So by restoring from this backup, I was able to restore the keywords for about 8,000 photos.  I lost about 1,000 photos worth of keywords that I had done since the Sept "offline" backup.

    Lesson learned here - ON1 is very unstable regarding the DAM aspects of the software.  If you are going to spend a lot of time entering keywords, you better keep sequential backups - don't just copy over your last backup or you may be replacing "good" .ON1 files with "bad" .ON1 files.

    I have used versions of ON1 since 2018, and I plan to continue paying for upgrades at least for another year or so.  It's extremely frustrating that the DAM aspects of this software are so awful - database programming isn't that difficult (I used to do a bit back in the Mesozoic era - I know things have changed, but the basics of programming remain the same).  I think ON1 needs to start from scratch with the whole DAM aspects of this software, because it's so far behind the capabilities of the rest of the software.  I'll post more issues related to ON1's DAM in other posts so they don't all get mangled together.  But in the meantime - be extremely cautious with your backups so you don't lose a lot of effort entering keywords. 


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