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New features vs. fixing bugs



  • Peter Pfeiffer

    The dance around new functionality and fixing bugs is extremely difficult. Yes, of course we all want perfectly running software, but OTOH the company needs to remain competitive. I applaud On1 for being transparent and open to new ideas from their customers.

  • Matt Dean

    There is no such thing as software that runs perfectly, I don't think any expects it to run perfectly. However, I don't think it runs reliably enough for a full time professional photographer to use. If I were a full time professional I would not be able to rely on PR, but since I only do 5-7 photo shoots a year, I can get by.

    I agree with Petr

  • Hector Maldonado

    Software companies should always prioritize bug fixes over new feature. It's just good business practices to do so.  Otherwise, they risk alienating their customer base. 

    I also agree with Petr.


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