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Is anyone printing large prints directly from the Pring Mod in ON1 2020?



  • Sherry Elliott

    Just printed a 16x20 print on 17x25 paper with Epson P800 printer. Using the new version 2020 14.0.1 8289. Mac OS Mojave.

    In my experience you must recheck the settings every print as they frequently reset to the default. SO . . .

    In the PRINT dialog page go to  SETUP . . .

    • Set your PRESETS (this is what does not always work)
    • Click on the PAGE ATTRIBUTES drop down and select MEDIA & QUALITY > PAPER TYPE
    • This should fix the Quality slider to BEST.  Then SAVE. 
    • Now back at the printer dialog box, check that the PAGE SIZE is what you just selected. 
    • Under Print Area>  Custom> Single> Size> Custom — type in your actual image size. Put in the longest dimension first. 
    • Pick ROTATE to FIT if a horizontal image
    • Fitting: FIT

    Hope this helps. I’ve wasted a bunch of paper figuring this out since the 2020 upgrade caused a printer glitch, but love being able to print right from within On1.

  • Mark Osman

    I concur with Sherry's comments totally.

    The logic deployed in On1 2020 print Module is just not intuitive.

    Assume nothing and go through all of the options in print module dialogue before hitting PRINT . I found out that even though the print preview window showed the print would be OK, what came out of printer was running off the page.

    Look at the printer "Setup" options at the top of the print module dialogue box and sure enough I found that in "Page Attributes" ( I'm on a Mac) the wrong paper size was selected. I just can't trust ON1 to wake up with right options.

    Sherry's instructions mirror my experience too and sizing seems right if you follow the manual steps. In addition I would add that once you have input your "Print Area".."Custom" size go to More and Save that size so you can retrieve it later if it is a size you will need another time.

    I've suggested Print module enhancements to ON1 but suggest everyone does the same so they hear what we want. Look for Photo Raw Project on the home page and submit enhancement suggestions there. 

  • James Lassoie

    Sherry & Mark...

    Thanks. Below is what I get out of my P5000 with roll paper when trying to print 16x24 (2x3) (iMac running High Sierra). I've burned many $$$ worth of ink/paper trying different fixes...pursuing suggestions by Hudson Henry & ON1 tech staff. (neither have seen such streaking at the end of the print). BTW...same image prints at 16x20 OK? Now I edit/effects/soft-proof in ON1 and export to 2020 PS...or to Silverfast's Printao 8...if I want a 16x24. I wonder what would happy on a big 44" printer?


  • David Kick

    James,  Are you a Plus member. One of the On1 coaches Hudson Henry prints large format directly from On1 and has a good set of courses about doing it. It's called "Color Management" in the plus library. It has courses on printing and printer setup as well as setting up custom paper profiles. I can say there is some good information there.

  • James Lassoie


    Yep...a plus member and I've done all of Hudson's print courses and Color Management. Also exchanged directly over my print smearing problem including him looking at examples.  He was stuck after a couple suggestions. Same with a tech from ON1. Even worked with Epson tech folks. Go figure?



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