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left panel grid view doesn't allow inserting filter in the stack like filter panels



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    If you click a preset it replaces any settings applied, but if you right-click and select insert, the preset will be added to any presets applied.

    This is described on page 83 of the user guide.

  • Marc Labro

    Hi Rick,

    How do you do that ?

    I am in effect, empty stack.

    I add filter dynamic contrast, then add glow filter and would like to insert a bleach bypass between both so put focus on dynamic contrast filter but which look to use for bleach bypass ??? so, let's compare looks in left panel filter tab, grid view, big thumbnails and i like "high key warm". no right click,... !!! so i clic on it and it replaces dynamic contrast !!!


    BUT I agree with you that if i select the preset tab on left and right clic, i see "insert preset" and it works fine IF YOU ARE IN TWO COLUMNS MODE ONLY !

    if you open grid view for instance for BW alternative and like BA10 look, there is no right clic and you must close grid view and remember in two columns mode it was BA10 so you can right clic on it to insert in the stack on right.

    What a mess !!!

    by the way, in general with add filter, how can we add a filter below a filter ? tedious to drag it below, especially because it opens panel at same time !


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Right-clicking to Insert a preset working only in the Presets column view is how the program is designed. Don't know why; it would be useful to be able to do that from the grid view too.

    As for adding a new Filter below an existing filter the program does not have any way to do that. They are always added above the selected filter or at the top of the stack if no filter has been selected.

  • Marc Labro

    Hi Brian,

    BUT Right-clicking to Insert a FILTER in the FILTER column view makes nothing. No menu available.

    did you notice the same behaviour ?

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Right-clicking to insert a Filter is not something the program supports. I was talking about Inserting a Preset. To add a filter just click the Add button, select the Filter you want, then drag it where you want it to be if needed.

  • David Kick

    I will add that if you want to insert a filter somewhere in a stack of multiple filters:

    1: Select the filter immediately below where you want to insert.

    2: Then select add filter. Your new filter will be added above the currently selected filter in the stack.

    In the example below a filter would be inserted above the Color Enhancer" filter

  • Marc Labro


    To David :

    - works nice ! thank you. I was sure I had tried that without success, sorry.

    To Brian :

    a preset is a set of filters so if we can insert a preset from 2-columns views (cherry on the cake would be to extend it to the big thumbnail grid view), we should have same menu for a single filter. Perhaps ON1 developers forgot it ???



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I can't speak to the program's design. I'm just another user like yourself. I agree, it would be nice to do that from the grid view.


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