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Cancelling Lightroom subscription



  • jean-pierre delmur

    I REALLY liked ON1, but my advice: don't give up LR - PS. If you do, you will lose the development module, maps and all the other modules. You will also lose Photoshop. You will keep the library module. Few apps are as good in classification, tagging photos.
    You will also lose PS. Sorry to be so abrupt, but photoshop, there is no better. In addition, it works nickel, even with an old configuration, which is not the case with ON1.
    You won't find the equivalent of the LR library module in ON1. The keywords that crash, the cataloguing that kneels the gold, the gels and blockages, the remedies that are the relocation of ON1, or the update of the drivers of the graphics card..... Completely anything.
    Have you successfully migrated from LR to ON1? If it worked, you're lucky, I might even say miraculous. In my circle no one has succeeded....
    The shocking business argument is that you no longer pay for a subscription than the version you have, you really own it: no luck, it's full of bugs. (impossible to use the double display, the Wacom bug that has just been fixed and so on....)
    So hopeful, you update: BIG ARNAQUE! For 80 euros more, you have an app that belongs to you, stuffed with bugs. (But with new features that nobody cares).
    For 40 euros more per year, you have ADOBE who are bastards, I agree

  • Ray Miles

    I have been using On1 for a couple of months now and have not identified any bugs as such. I am happy to continue using it for current and future editing purposes. Moreover, I would rather give my money to a small company than a big corporation.

    I have hardly ever used Photoshop and the learning curve is mostly beyond me, as someone who is just a casual photographer, mostly when I travel. What features I have used, I can find in On1 or elsewhere.

    So my questions stand. I shall of course make high-res JPG copies of all the 6,000 or so photos I have in RAW format from the past four years and which were edited in LR. Hopefully I'll still be able to access them anyway, but just in case...

    If no one has the information I am seeking, I will post back myself when my LR subscription expires at the end of June.

  • Markus Waldesbuehl

    I made the experience with LR last year. You will still be able to use the lybrary module but not the other modules. Sync between the devices will not work anymore.

  • Ray Miles

    Thanks Markus. That's what I heard. However, does Import still function and can one still make Collections? Until On1 2020 has a slideshow module or can show photos in true full-screen mode, I am hoping to be able to continue to hit the F key within Lightroom and then the forward key in order to be able to run a manual slideshow and send it via my Apple TV to my TV screen using Airplay.

  • Markus Waldesbuehl

    I do not know how good your german is :-D , but maybe google translate can help here, I found a page in german, that answers your questions in detail: 

  • Ray Miles

    No German sadly. Spanish, French and rusty Japanese. I'll see how Google translates it, as I have been unable to find up to date detailed info in English so far.

  • Michael Mansfield

    Hi, Ray.

    I'm on Windows, but the following should also apply to Mac.

    I cancelled my Lightroom subscription (Photography Plan) 2 months ago, and can confirm the following:-

    1. The Library Module in Lightroom Classic works as normal - Import, Export, View Fullscreen, Keywording, Metadata, Quick Edits, Collections, etc.
    2. Plug-in to ON1 still works as normal.
    3. Slideshow Module works as normal.
    4. Print Module works as normal.
    5. Develop and Map Modules are Disabled.
    6. Synching between Computer Devices (Adobe Cloud) is Disabled.
    7. Photos/Catalogs on your Desktop Hard Drives remain, but you have to download any files from Adobe Cloud within 90 days (I think) if you want to keep them.

    As far as viewing a slideshow on your TV is concerned, I believe that should still work, as it is not a function that is dependent on Adobe Cloud, but rather your OS -(like Casting Screen?).

    I hope that helps you out.







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