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Making a specific (homogenuous background) color in a photo transparent (to be merged with another one in additional layer)



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Michael, if you still want to know how to do it in On1, post your photo somewhere for us to give it a try. We can let you know what settings we used.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    If I understand your question correctly you want to do something like a green screen replacement. Is that right? You can mask out an individual color by going to the masking options and clicking on the eyedropper labeled Color Range then clicking on the color you want to mask out. This will create a mask which hides all but the color you clicked so you'll need to Invert the mask. You can use the Color Range slider to fine tune the selected colors.

  • Michael Bechtold

    Thank you Brian. You understood my objective well.I tried that masking, but I could not get the merging of the two images working (via layers). I finally went the brute force way:

    convert "20040812-6 Fotos Plains marker.jpg" -fuzz 30% -transparent white +repage +adjoin h.png
    composite h.png "20040812-6 Fotos Plains base adj.jpg" "20040812-6 Fotos Plains base adj+marker.jpg"

    Tools from ImageMagick, that you might know.






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