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Sloppy Menu Translations



  • Frank Schophuizen

    It has been reported several times, and various people have offered help with translations, including me. But unfortunately, ON1 hs not made use of the offer with anyone as far as I know.

    The "disadvantage" with Dutch is that most of the dutch users read/write English quite well, so most of them don't even consider switching to Dutch, especially since many of the vocabulary doesn't even come close to professional dutch language or even common Windows terminology in Dutch translation.

    I agree that it is better to have no Dutch translation at all than a ridiculous one that even the Dutch don't understand.

  • Zabo

    With Italian is the same, so I use English too.
    It is annoying that many times the setting reverts all by itself to Auto, and you have to select English again...

  • EDL .
    Here too many incorrect and funny translations into Italian!
    Portrait for example, has been translated with: "Verticale" which means vertical.
    Correct tranlsation is: Ritratto
    Also many translation error in Italian PDF User manual.

    Better use it in English!

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