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Deleting Presets in on1 Photo RAW 2020



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    What do you mean by "other user files"?. All the program's user specific files are stored at ~/Library/Application Support/ON1/. 

    You can manage your Presets with the Manage Extras command under the File menu.

  • Merle Becker

    Brian Lawson I recently was working on B/W photos and went to those Presets. All of the "categories" of B/W Presets were not there.  I believe there are four categories. Do not know if I did accidentally or if it is a software glitch. Can I go to Manage Extras and find them there and reinstall.

    Along those lines as second question. If there are Presets that I will never use, can one safely delete them from the category or even an entire category?  Should I push this first issue above to Support Group?

    Thanks Much Merle

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Hi Merle,

    I see B&W Alternative, B&W Faded & Matte, B&W Films, and B&W Modern in my 2020.5 Presets. You can look through your Presets with the Extensions Manager to see if they may have been moved into some other category but I wouldn't expect that you'll find them. I think you'd remember if you had chosen to move them somewhere.

    I would just reinstall whatever version you are running over top of your current installation. It won't affect anything already in place and is should put back your missing Presets.

    Yes, you can remove any Presets you have no need for with the Extensions Manager.


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