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Layers not working on secondary monitor



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    This must work differently for Mac than it does for Windows.

    When I move the program's main window to my 2nd display it gets resized automatically without any prompt to restart the program.

    Dragging a 2nd image from the laptop's grid display to the 2nd monitor in edit mode to create a new layer is working properly for me.

    You should report this to support as I'm unable to test on a Windows system at the moment.

  • Bill Primm

    Similar issue for me Manuel. When I EXPORT, it freezes. I have to go to Task Manager to end the program. Again, this just started with the update.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The first place to start with crashes & behavior like this is with the video card drivers. Make sure they and the OS are properly configured for ON1. 

    You are exporting from the editor. Does the program crash when you return to the browser before exporting? This is recommended in any case as exporting from the editor does not always see all the most recently made edits.

    Have you tried turning off the GPU Render option in Preferences > System > Performance?


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