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Browse mode - Color fringe 2020.01



  • Paul Cally

    Agreed; this is a fundamental flaw. I find that ON1 can reduce but not totally remove colour fringes using the lens correction panel under Tone & Color. However, even moving the sliders to 100% is insufficient for many cases where Lightroom eliminates it easily and totally with the "Remove chromatic aberration" auto-button or only partial application of a slider. For me, it is by far the biggest failing in ON1.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    These issues need to be reported to support with screen shots illustrating the problem and links to copies of the relevant files for them to download.

  • Zbigniew Waśko

    The sliders make it even worse: they remove purple or green color not only along the edges but olso in whole image. One shold be carefull when using them! It's not real CA correction.

  • Gerry Whitmarsh

    This seems to have got worse with PR 2021. Refresh preview or zooming in does seem to fix it temporarily, but it makes viewing in browse extremely frustrating. 

    Edit: I'm on Windows 10.

  • Ray Miles

    On1 always applies the correct lens profile so I never see any purple or green fringing. Occasionally, if I have a bleached-out sky with trees and leaves against it, I'll get some blue fringing, and I use colour enhancer to remove it (selectively with a mask if there is blue elsewhere in the image).

    I know the OP posted some time ago. But I was able to remove the fringing using several saturation sliders in the colour enhancer. Of course, there are still blown-out highlights where the sun is reflected in the water.


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