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  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    No, there is no option for that. Currently, the only way to see an edited photo outside of On1 is to Export it and once it's exported, On1 no longer has any connection to it.

  • Jerry Hall

    If you have a Mac, Keynote is a simple and effective way with rich options to crate a slide show and video of the slides. Just select the edited images I want to put in the show, and super select export them as jpg to a "keynote" folder and then drag and drop them as needed into keynote.  Easy.  See this video:

    Create a Slideshow With Keynote In Less Than 3 Minutes › watch

    It is also easy to use the Share option on the right panel to add to Apple Photos which has a basic easy to use slide show option.

    Both these approaches make it easy to add music, and voice with keynote.

  • George Hall

    You can easily create slideshows with the free software "Irfanview."   I'm a real fan of it, and I do some of my DAM work outside of ON1 using Irfanview.  For instance, you can easily do batch processing of many images - such things as renaming hundreds of files - and for renaming it gives you an option to also rename any sidecar files, so if you rename a file it will rename the ON1 sidecar file at the same time (Don't do this in a folder that ON1 has cataloged).  I use it in conjunction with ON1.


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