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clone stamp tool not working



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Assuming that you're cloning on only one layer and within the layer boundaries (not on the canvas) it should just work without any special tricks.

    Possible problems that might cause it could be an out of date video driver or Insufficient memory. In any case, if you can document the problem with screenshots then you can submit those to On1 support.

    If you do, also include the info requested here...

    If you think the problem might just be operational, post your screenshots here so that we can see what you're trying to do.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I've noticed that occasionally while I'm brushing a new stamp onto the image an older stamp may disappear looking as though I hadn't made that edit. As soon as I stop brushing the new area the older stamp reappears. I assumed this has to do with the lower end GPU and VRAM size in my laptop.

  • Brian Gibson

    I've had this problem when trying to paint on an area that is no longer part of the "canvas" - for example you've used the "Transform" tool to correct perspective and you have two wedge shaped black areas in the corners of the image.
    If you try to clone details into the black area, it works while you are doing it, but as soon as you stop the image reverts to original.
    This is because the black area is no longer on the "canvas" of the image and you therefore cannot paint onto it.

    To get around this problem, create a new Layer using the "Duplicate Layer" tool.
    Next "Merge layer" using the layer stack tool.
    You will then have a single layer called copy1

    You can then use the clone stamp in the normal way.

    This technique should also work where you are trying to clone an already cloned area, as the above answer suggests.

  • Candace Maxwell

    This happens to me randomly and I've been using the clone tool for several years. I know what I'm doing! To add to that my apple mouse doesn't work to change brush size when in clone stamp. It works fine to change brush size for local adjustments, and works flawlessly in Lightroom. But I have to avoid clone stamp because of the extra time needed to keep going to top to adjust and even that works quirkily,,,

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Candace, the mouse should be able to change the size of any brush in ON1. If it only works in certain places for you, that's a bug and you should report it to tech support so it can be fixed.

    Before you do that though, try Delete Settings from this article. It tends to fix many weird problems.


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