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losing saved adjustments



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You need to report this to support. Use the Submit a request link and include the information requested in this article:

  • Peter Gude

    I had the same issue with 2020 and a NAS.

    Since i changed to a separate SSD for scratch and cache and upgraded to Catalina and the latest version of 2020 this has not happend anymore.

    Not sure if this is a coincidence or ...

    I will keep an eye on it though.



  • Paul Crisanti

    Very Interesting and not happy you had the same grief Peter,  but less frustrated to know some else also had this happen.

    I was using a SSD drive MAC OS Extended Journaled and the latest ON1 version 2020.1 ( in 10.14.6.

    I can't go to Catalina for fear of screwing up the use of my older CS 5.5 products (photoshop, Illustrator).

    I since this problem occurred I moved all my working files to my internal drive and catalogued them all.

    Today I just send files to the tech so we shall see.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.


  • Juha Karvonen

    Same problem here.


    All adjustments I've made with Photo Raw 2020 are not applied. More recent adjustments made with version 2020.1 are applied so far.

  • Paul Crisanti

    Het there Juha,

    I was done it was a permissions issue and was told to go in to system pref/security/privacy and grant "Full Disk Access" to On1, + Files and Folders. I am running 1014.6 and only found I could add On1 to the list for Full Disk Access. So far so good. However I also went from working on my external SSD drive to my internal and also catalogued the folders for good measure.
    I am still waiting on a reply about where to find the Files and Folders option. It might only be available on later Mac OS I'm thinking. Good luck.


  • Juha Karvonen


    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately that didn’t work.

    I already had photos catalogued on the internal drive. Maybe I should move the photos on an external drive in uncatalogued folder :D


  • Paul Crisanti

    Sorry to hear that. I guess you need to submit a regular tech ticket providing the files and info they require so they can dig into it. here is the guidelines:


  • Jurgen Schraepen

    I have reported this issue already 2 times. Once during the beta and once after the initial release.

    Fortunately I have not had this issue again. 

    The only thing changed in the time being, is my Mac. 

    The issue only occurred on my iMac with external USB SSD drives.

    On my Mac Pro with internal drives, no issues since a few months.


  • Paul Crisanti

    I have also switched to another (2017, but new) computer.
    And went from writing to an external drive (journal, non-catalog), to the internal drive, cataloged
     and not seen it again.

    I have been backing up those on 2 other externals.

    Haven't had time to go back to them to see if the backups held the adjustments.
    Maybe today as you remind me of that issue 


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