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2020.1 not releasing RAM



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I haven't tested it, but I'd expect the 'unreleased' memory only happens with the first photo edited. That's a new feature to speed up returning to an edited photo by buffering it.

    If you notice how long it takes to initially load a photo for editing and then compare that to going to Browse and back to Editing, it's much faster the second time, that's because it's already in memory. After that, the buffer would be reused (or replaced) with the next edited photo.

    So, yes, if you take a photo into Edit a buffer is created which is purposely not released when going back to Browse.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I've got a memory monitor in my menu bar and I too see ON1's RAM usage climb while editing. Returning to the browser every once in a while allows the program to save your work to that point and release some of the memory it's retained. It won't release it all though. I think some of that is by design so it's ready for use when you return to editing but I also believe the program has some memory leaks. If I've been running the program for a while and I want to get that memory back, I'll quit the program, free unused RAM with my menu bar program, and relaunch the program.

    In the past when I've been able to document how the memory is being lost with an example I've sent it to support. The engineers were able to find that one and fix it for the next release.

    There is a control in the program's Preferences > System > Memory Usage panel where you can limit how much of your system's RAM you allow the program to grab.


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