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360 the whole idea



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    In my case a subscription to 360º would be separate from my ownership of the Photo RAW program. Canceling my subscription will not affect my ability to continue to use the software I purchased.

    Adobe's policy IMO is extortionist in that you must continue to pay them in order to be able to edit your images or even access them.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    The new Mobil app is supposed to be free. Without 360 the mobile app won't have every feature, but it should still have the ability to transfer photos with whatever cloud your phone is using.

  • Irwin Maloff

    It would be nice if you could try 360 and mobile to see how well it actually works compared to Lightroom.

    Will ON1 Plus go away in June?

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Why does everyone keep asking about Plus??? Plus has nothing to do with 360.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there is a free trial for 360 just like the apps have. We won't know until it's released.

  • Alan Beeler

    "Why does everyone keep asking about Plus??? Plus has nothing to do with 360."

    I haven't been around for awhile so maybe this has already been answered.  If so forgive me.  Plus was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard about 360. Why? I already subscribe to On1 Plus. Is Plus included in the 360 subscription or, if I want the whole enchilada, do I have to have two subscriptions with On1?

    Like I said, I'm late to the party so this may have been answered.  But at least you now know why Plus comes up in the context of 360. Seems natural and a logical question to me. 

  • David Kick

    Alan, the reason Rick asks "Why does everyone keep asking about Plus?" is because he is right. Plus has nothing to do with 360. Here's a description of Plus from the On1 products page. As you can see it is something that gives you access to training courses and the plus forum.


    What is ON1 Plus?

    ON1 Plus is a software and photography education membership created specifically for ON1 users. It makes online learning a fun and community-driven experience, with expert guidance from top ON1 Gurus and others who share your passion for photography. Each Plus member gets exclusive access to premium courses, weekly tips and tricks, and extra Loyalty Rewards each month. All Plus content is unique, covering a wide range of photography genres and editing techniques, crafted specifically for ON1 users. You won't find rich content like this on Youtube or anywhere else!

    Actually On1 has a great FAQ about 360 that answers many of the questions asked here about it. It's not hard to find but here's a link.



  • Alan Beeler

    I've already read that faq.  Unless something changed it doesn't mention anything about Plus. And I don't need an explanation about Plus.  I've been a subscriber since the beginning.

    I'm simply answering the question about why people ask about Plus, an existing On1 subscription service, in the context of 360, an additional On1 subscription service.

    And there is no technical reason the two subscriptions cannot be added together and named the "On1 Whole Enchilada" or whatever they want to call it, and charge double for it.

    Rick may be right that's it's two individual subscription services (Rick is always right :-), but that doesn't answer the question about why people keep asking about it.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I've been trying to post this for two days now... will it work today???

    Hopefully this answers some questions.

    • Plus is a subscription for training, a private forum and exclusive extras
    • 360 is a subscription to a cloud service designed to connect devices
    • Neither provides a service that the other also provides
    • Neither subscription is required in order to use Photo Raw or any of the other apps
    • There is no Plan or Discount if you want both the Plus and 360 subscriptions
    • If you do want both Plus and 360 then you will have 2 separate subscriptions
    • ---
    • If you buy Photo Raw, it is your forever
    • If you buy Photo Raw, yearly version updates are not free, you need to pay to upgrade each year
    • If you already own Photo Raw, you can add/or cancel the 360 subscription without affecting your Photo Raw ownership.
    • If you DON'T already own Photo Raw and want to have a subscription for it included with 360, your access to Photo Raw will terminate when you cancel the subscription.
    • If you already own Photo Raw, neither the Plus or 360 subscriptions will provide free yearly version upgrades for it
    • Grandfathered Plus-Pro subscribers are a special case that already receive version upgrades and adding a 360 subscription to it would not affect the Plus-Pro subscription.
    • ---
    • The Mobile app is free for everyone
    • 360 is not required to use the Mobile app
    • The Mobile app will have limited functionality if it is not connected with 360 (limitations not yet specified)
    • The Mobile app will have access to standard cloud services (Google, Onedrive)

    Have I missed anything?

    Edit: Just adding a link to the On1 360 FAQ...

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    This is a German translation posted by Marcel...

    Here the german translation:
    Hoffentlich beantwortet dies einige Fragen.
    - Plus ist ein Abonnement für Schulungen, ein privates Forum und exklusiven Extras
    - 360 ist ein Abonnement für einen Cloud-Dienst zur Verbindung von Geräten
    - Keines von beidenAbonnementen bietet eine Dienstleistung an, die das andere auch anbietet
    - Für die Verwendung von Photo Raw oder einer der anderen Anwendungen ist kein Abonnement erforderlich.
    - Es gibt keinen Plan oder Rabatt, wenn Sie sowohl das Plus- als auch das 360-Abonnement wünschen.
    - Wenn Sie sowohl Plus als auch 360 wünschen, haben Sie 2 separate Abonnements
    - Wenn Sie eine Photo-Raw-Version kaufen, gehört die gekaufte Version für immer Ihnen
    - Wenn Sie eine Photo-Raw-Version kaufen, sind die jährlichen Versions-Updates nicht kostenlos, Sie müssen für das jährliche Upgrade bezahlen.
    - Wenn Sie bereits Photo-Raw-Version besitzen, können Sie das 360er-Abonnement hinzufügen und/oder kündigen, ohne dass sich dies auf Ihren Besitz der Photo-Raw-Version auswirkt.
    - Wenn Sie Photo Raw NICHT bereits besitzen und ein Abonnement für Photo Raw in Verbindung mit 360 haben möchten, endet Ihr Zugang zu Photo Raw, wenn Sie das Abonnement kündigen.
    - Wenn Sie Photo Raw bereits besitzen, bieten weder das Plus- noch das 360-Abonnement kostenlose jährliche Versions-Upgrades für Photo Raw.
    - Ein Sonderfall sind angestammte Plus-Pro-Abonnenten, die bereits Versions-Upgrades erhalten, und das Hinzufügen eines 360er-Abonnements würde das Plus-Pro-Abonnement nicht beeinträchtigen.
    - Die Mobile App ist für alle kostenlos
    - 360 ist für die Verwendung der Mobile-App nicht erforderlich.
    - Die Mobile App wird eine eingeschränkte Funktionalität haben, wenn sie nicht mit 360 verbunden ist (Einschränkungen noch nicht angegeben)
    - Die mobile App wird Zugang zu Standard-Cloud-Diensten haben (Google, Onedrive)




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