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Just thinking out loud about On1 360



  • David Kick

    I should have added would a user have to install all their extra textures, preset & backgrounds on each machine??

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I'm not aware that 360 does any kind of backup of Photo raw. AFAIK it just lets you edit from multiple machines. I think you'll just have to wait and see what it can do.

  • Stu Eddins

    I'm not sure if 360 will ever sync custom presets or a filter's drop-down custom styles across computers. In a perfect world there would be a 'sync on demand' radio button to maintain preset and customization parity between all connected computers... but then which machine is the source of truth, how would sync resolve conflicts?

    Editing an image by adding a Photomorphis texture layer simply creates a new image layer on the file. The texture files are just another .jpg in the image stack so they will sync as part of the base image, it won't matter if all machines have the same Photomorphis source files.

    That said, to add the Photomorphis textures to an image the texture files themselves have to be resident on the machine... unless you hold them in a file that is itself synced across 360? We'll have to see if that's possible.

    Short of a full download / upload of presets, there may be a workaround for one-off presets: add your custom preset to a 360 shared file. No other editing, just the preset. Then on the remote computer open the file in edit and save settings as a new preset. Tedious, but it could work when you have only one or two new custom presets you want to sync.


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