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Exporting tiffs



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Donald, I'm not really sure how the bits per pixel work, but you shouldn't have a problem sending it to your External program.

    I checked this TIFF in Irfanview and it says either 24 or 64 (24x3?) bits unless I'm looking at the wrong thing.

    In addition, the setting in Preferences if for the file used to send to another program, that isn't Export. You can set that to 8 or 16. Mine is set to 16, yet it shows 24 (8x3) above. It doesn't make sense to me.


    What I would suggest that you do is, rather than exporting, Right-Click your file and use the Send To menu to send your file to another App. If your app isn't on the menu, select it with Send to Other Application.

    When you get the options...

    Select Edit a Copy, and On1 will create the Tiff that you have defined in preferences and send it for you.




  • Donald Wyllie

    Hello: Thanks for excellent reply. Tried Send To and it worked! Other tiffs I exported worked as well. Just something about that particular image. Irfan view reports it as 24 bpp, same as the rest of them.

    Why I go so excited about it was that it was the first time I'd tried this with ON1. The first thought is that it is the program's fault - of course. It would be useful to have more control over exporting. I haven't tried printing using Canon Studio yet, that'll be the next adventure, but maybe not!




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