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Replacement for Lightroom Texture Slider



  • Peter Gude

    Hi Ben , that would be the dynamic contrast filter. You can choose small, medium and large sliders for texture

  • Ben Short

    Damn that was a fast response! Thanks Peter :) I did look at that, but not hard enough. I will look into it more, thanks!

  • Roger Gough

    Hi Ben,

    The dynamic contrast filter is good, if used with discretion!! I often set the sliders then adjust the opacity to get a realistic effect. You might also want to try the clarity slider, or take a look at the HDR filter - you may find the effect you want in there.

  • Ray Miles

    I also use the Dynamic Contrast filter quite a lot, and have just done so on some photos of waves crashing on mossy rocks. I often use the mask function as well as the opacity slider. I mask out out of focus areas and/or distance. I also use the Colour Enhancer filter quite often: and find that the Fall preset is a good start on nature shots. The Foliage preset tends to look unnatural to me and definitely needs to be used with a lot of discretion!

  • David Kick

    Just a comment when using filters. Aside from masking, Don't for get that you can also click the gear icon for that filter. You can choose how the filter is blended and where it's applied very powerful and useful to explore -- see images below. 


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