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Relocating Program Data



  • David Kick

    Geraald, I would reverse that I think. I suggest BrowserCache/Scratch on external drive and Program & photos on internal drive. I just installed On1 on the D rive on my laptop and don't see any performance issues.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Internal or external doesn't matter for the Scratch drive. What matters is that is has its own direct connection and isn't sharing an I/O channel with any other drives. The internal drive probably has a faster I/O transfer rate which would make it the better choice IMO.

    I would not put the Program Data on the Scratch drive. The point is for it to be dedicated to just that task for maximum performance gain. If you need to recover the disk space it occupies, I would move it to the drive with your photos. The only time it would be accessed is when loading an image so that would not conflict with the data management I/O too much I would think.

  • Gerald Pasternack

    Thanks for the info.

    Since the Cache/Scratch folders are on there own (internal) HD I guess this is preferred for Program Data location rather than  the (external) Photo HD.  Correct? 

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    No. The only thing that should be on the scratch drive is the Scratch space and PerfectBrowseCache. If you move the program data there you're back to the problem of the program wanting to read/write the scratch space while simultaneously updating the databases and that leads to I/O contention. You have two lanes of traffic trying to cross a one lane bridge. One I/O request has to wait for the other to complete slowing down the program. By keeping those pieces of data on separate drives you've added another lane across the bridge and traffic will flow faster.

    This is all my opinion based on what I know as a software engineer and my experience with the program. YMMV. This is how I have my system set up. My photos are on an external SSD, the scratch space is on a dedicated SSD, and my Program Data (it's called Application Support on a Mac ;) ) is still on my boot drive. On the Mac we don't have the option to move that data to another location but it's only 5GB so I'm not too worried about it for now.


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