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How can I export my albums?




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There is no direct way to do this. One work around is to add a keyword to all the photos in an album before you wipe your current installation. After the clean re-install you can search for that keyword then create a new album with the search results.

  • Gianni Sarasso

    My workaround:

    select all photos in the album

    copy all photos elsewhere (remember to keep the option key pressed!) 


    Not exactly an export, but it works for me this way (MAC)

  • Paul Rayner

    Brian's got it! That'll work.

    Now for another issue.  I am moving my files to a different single HDD, where before the various years were spread over three drives.

    But once I do this, my albums appear empty. How do I relink those images back to their original images.

    In Davinci Resolve for instance, when I have moved a folder of content, the thumbnails are in the folder but are "missing media".  You simply right click on them and "relink media".  But in On1, the files are simply not there, the folder is empty.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    This is essentially the same problem with the same solution. Because the photos have moved to a new drive the links in the album are no longer pointing to anything so the album is empty. If you added a keyword for that album to all the images in it regardless of which drive they were on, a search for that keyword should find them on the new drive as long as it has been cataloged. Do the search then Select All and add them back into the album.


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