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Radeon/Nvidia suggestions for high performance (again)



  • Juergen Ziegler

    My system is similar to yours and I updated to a GTX 2060 recently (for gaming purposes and bc there was a reduction) and On1 is running just fine. No experience with AMD though


    /Edit: I have just one 4k 27" monitor running

  • Matt Dean

    I have a Radeon 5700 and it works great. I don't know where you heard nightmare stories about the 5700 and crashing, but there are many possible explanations for the stories that could have nothing to do with the card itself or even the radeon drivers.

    I really like that my 5700 is a blower style card and blows the heat out of my case. It makes less noise than my previous RX480 non blower style card and my PC runs cooler overall because it blows most the heat out of the case. I also seen a nice performance gain in PR with the 5700.

    In my opinion your odds of being disappointed or satisfied with an AMD card or Nvidia card are equal. If the AMD cards were as bad as the nightmare stories, then the 5700 cards would not sell so well. Maybe they are Nvidia fans and have nothing good to say about AMD.

  • Michael Lucero

    Thank you both for taking the time to comment and share your experiences. Its great to hear from people who have real world experience with the GPUs and PR. Either way I go it doesn't feel so much like a leap of faith!



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