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360 works ?



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Most likely the blurred images contain Filters, Masks, Layers, or some other feature the Mobile app does not support so those images cannot be rendered or edited.

  • Wolfgang Werner

    Well, my blured prewievs from ON1 >> 360 >> to Samsung Mobile seems to be:

    on PC ON1- folder 360syncfolder should have (right click) "Snyc ontions > publish original files".

    and now on the Mobile all files of the folder are shown (no blures, no blacks).


    But clicking on one of the shown files on the mobile for editing, shows a black space/edit only.

    Anything works...



  • Juergen Ziegler

    Sometimes I see the previews both mobile and desktop, sometimes not. It has nothing to do with the applied settings. Sometimes it loses the crop I apply on On1 on the Desktop, sometimes the crop is the only thing that's correct in the preview.

    Sadly On1 360 is completely useless to me until all the effects (or at least a lot more) are in the mobile app.

    The only use case because of which I have subscribed is not going to happen for a while due to Corona. So yeah, money spent, lesson learned.


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