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  • Jerome Rosenzweig

    Thanks Brian!  Really well done video. 

    Interestingly, even on my Note 10+, minus the camera not working, it's as fast for me as he is seeing (as long as I avoid compressed raw files).  I really like where it's going. 

    However, the poor Android implementation, crashing, and losing stuff in the cloud as a result, are inexcusable for paying customers, given the problems seen.  Per support, the Android update should release next week, so I'll hold back further judgement until then. 

    Fingers crossed, they are waking up and realizing they can't continue this way or will become sales folks for Adobe. 

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I like Scott's videos. He does a good job.

    I removed all my published catalogs and albums and uninstalled Mobile from my iPad & iPhone. After reinstalling Mobile then publishing a new album I'm getting good response now. Images that previously had blurry previews are clear and can be worked with. Not sure where things got off the rails but I seem to be back on track now.

  • Jerome Rosenzweig

    Great to hear you're work is syncing well now!  I've noticed some improvements as well... think they are tuning the 360 engine while also working on the mobile fixes.  

    First big test for me coming up... I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow for the week and am going to strictly use On1 for the first time mobile instead of Adobe. 


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