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Whats Next for PR?




    Raymond, I did a test and went back to some January 2016 folders I had edited with PR.  There were the RAW files and the .on1 sidecar files.  I have not touched these images in 6-10 months.  BUT, all the .on1 sidecar files had the date of June 30 when I believe I installed the 2020.5 update.

    If I copy the RAW file and the associated .on1 sidecar files to a test desktop folder and try and edit them, ALL edits are lost and reset as if I had never made a change.  Every .on1 sidecar file has the identical June 30, 2020 date and time.  There is no way this makes sense.  It also makes me think that during the cataloging by 2020.5 it touched every sidecar file and reset it.  Sickening.

    The folder I made for the test was on my Windows desktop.  I navigated with the Browse function in PR and the folder made in File Explorer was NOT to be found.  But, weirdly, a USB drive I have plugged in with unrelated images, was the folder with the test files.  So basically PR was thinking my files were now on the USB stick and the folder name I created on the desktop (Bird Test 2) was no where to be found.  It was as if PR could not see my new folder but somehow used the USB drive which is definitely NOT part of the desktop since it has its own drive letter, as the new folder I created.  I wonder if this could somewhat explain the issue others have had with external drive edits going missing.

    These are fundamental flaws in the program - 1) to wipe out old edits and 2) to mix up a USB drive with a desktop folder.  I really can't depend on the program any longer.  Bugs are one thing but wiping out my stuff is completely unacceptable.

  • Raymond Griffiths

    I agree, William, that it is sickening to lose edits which cumulatively have taken several months to perform. My heart sank to the pit of my stomach when I saw what had happened. But in my case it cannot be cataloguing that has caused it as I do not use this function, unless something in the latest update has begun cataloguing without authorisation.

    Over the two to three years I've been running ON1 there has never been more than one or two months without some major bug or another, mostly triggered by a supposed improvement. Why improvements to one area adversely affect another, quite different, area remains a mystery in today's environment of modular programming. 

    When ON1 is doing its thing without being compromised it is unbeatable, but sadly there appears to be no end to these cock-ups and this is why I'm looking for an alternative.


    Good points Nitin.  It would be nice to look at the date stamp on the .on1 file to see when the image was last edited. Now, we are reminded of the date when we installed an update which is of no use to me whatsoever. Who cares when I installed the update, I'd rather know the last time I edited the raw file.

    I really enjoyed using the program and could live with a few bugs in exchange for some new features, but breaking the old stuff that was working (and deleting my edits) has become too much of a time waster for me.


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