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cataloged pictures are saved on a USB drive




  • David Kick

    Antoine,  I'm pretty sure you can't change the drive letter on a catalog. But if you know the drive letter the catalog is looking for I would suggest you assign that drive letter to your USB drive.  See the link below for steps on how to do that.,selected%20drive%27s%20current%20drive%20letter.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Thanks David, you beat me to it. :)

  • David Kick

    You are welcome Brian :-)

    Antoine, I should have added if you don't know the drive letter that the On1 catalog is looking for then:

    1) Delete the catalog in On1

    2) Close On1

    3) Set the drive letter of the USB drive as described in the link previously posted.

       Be mindful of this note in the article:

    NOTE: We suggest picking a drive letter between M and Z, because earlier drive letters may still get assigned to drives that don’t always show up in File Explorer—like optical and removable card drives. M through Z are almost never used on most Windows systems.

    4) Restart On1 and set your default browse location to the new drive letter and then create a new catalog for that drive .





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