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Shutting down takes >30 min



  • Håkan Wassberg


    That is very strange!

    My catalogue is also all of this years photos and it's 295GB and it takes like not even 5 sec to close! 

    I recon you need to look at what else is open and might take computer power from ON1


  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Hi Mike,

    • How is your system configured? Where are your photos stored? Are they on the boot drive or a separate drive?
    • Have you added an SSD for the program's Scratch space and PerfectBrowseCache?
    • How much free space is left on the boot drive and photos drive?
    • What happens if you quit all other programs that are running while ON1 is shutting down?

    My Pictures folder is 280.3 GB and my system shuts down in just a few seconds. Is your ND Service folder still getting huge? Mine is only 4.6 GB.

  • Mike Page

    ON1 is on my SSD drive (168/460 GB free), photos are on a conventional hard drive (764 / 1800 GB free). Browser cache is on the ssd (I think). In the meantime I've shrunk my catalogued file to just the folders I'm working on, which has reduced the size of my ND Service folder and accelerated shutdown, but it's still slow. Chrome usually running in the background.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You might want to consider adding a high performance SSD to be used just for ON1's Scratch space and the PerfectBrowseCache. Doing that adds a dedicated I/O channel to those to pieces of the program's workspace which improves the program's performance noticeably. There are buttons in the program's Preferences > System settings tab to move those pieces. You'll want that drive to have its own direct connection to the system. Don't connect it through a hub with other drives or daisy chain it to another drive so it doesn't have to share that I/O channel with any other drives.

    Your ND space usage still seems high. I have my entire Pictures folder in a single catalog and have also cataloged two of its subfolders just for easier access to those locations and my usage is still pretty small. You might want to talk with support about that.


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