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Testing Lightroom Migration to RAW 2020, but only worked with RAW 2019 ?!




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You'd have to ask tech support to be certain but it sounds to me as if the Lr plug-ins you used were for the 2019 version of the program. I can't see plug-ins for 2020 sending their results to a different program.

    I would double-check the version of the plug-ins installed in Lightroom's plug-ins folder. You can find copies of 2020's plug-ins in the applications folder at /Macintosh HD/Applications/ON1 Photo RAW 2020/Plug-in Files. Move copies of those files into Lr's folder and give it another try.

  • William Buros

    Thanks Brian, that worked. 

    Both versions of the plug-ins (2019 and 2020) were in the Lightroom Classic directory.   

    I deleted the 2019 plugins from the Lightroom directory, re-started Lightroom Classic, re-exported the Lightroom-based photos I wanted into a separate new catalog (and a new place on the hard drive), re-started Lightroom with that new catalog, and from there migrated that new catalog to ON1.

    This time, ON1 2020 came up, and eventually (10-15 minutes) the edits on the 13 photos were seen as the migration process finished in the background.    The new directory then had both the .NEF (Nikon) and the .on1 files.

    etc etc

    From ON1, the directory was then cataloged and also published to ON1 360.    And the other devices could see the edit'ed files.

    Done.   Off to play with other aspects of ON1 360 and ON1 RAW 2020.

    Bill B



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