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On1 Photo Raw crashes on corrupt raw file



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    How do you know the file is corrupt or is that an assumption because ON1 is crashing? Have you tried opening it in any other processing software?

    Would you be willing to post one of your corrupt raw files for me to download and try? Right now there is no way to know if this is happening to just you or if it is a bug in the program that will affect everyone. Post the file to a web sharing site like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc., than post the download link here for us.

  • René Erdmann

    Hi, thanks for the quick reply :-)

    I didn't actually test the file, because on the next startup Photo Raw (2020.5) told me the file was corrupt and will be ignored. I find this OK, but I do not know how many of these corrupted files my library has in stores. So every time Photo Raw stumbles upon such a file, it crashes, and then i have to start again. Would like to filter out these files at once. I tested this on my Mac with a prior version of Photo Raw (didn't really use it there because of the fans always spinning up) and i have the crashes on the same files. But - good point - i'm going to test these files in ACDsee and will let you know. BTW, my files are SRW from Samsung, and i'm not shooting these anymore.



  • David Kick

    Rene, check the corruptfiles.log @ C:\users\username\appdata\roaing\on1  (where username is your username) it might list more files.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The program should not be crashing if it can identify a file as being corrupt. After all, it has to figure out that the corruption exists, then log that corruption before it crashes, and, at which point it should be done with it and move on.

    The only way to know which files the program is having trouble with is with the corruptfiles.log.

    You should report this to tech support René. Use the Submit a request link below and include the information requested in this article:

    They will want to see one of your SRW files and you won't be able to attach it to the support request. You'll have to upload it to a sharing site and copy the download link into your request.

  • René Erdmann

    Thx David Kick: I have checked the CorruptFiles.log, each crash adds exactly one file, so I will take the steps Brian has suggested. Brian Lawson: I'm reliefed, that you describe how the program *should* work, as i couldn't imagine that it was intended to work the way i have encountered ;-).

    I'll update here when there is news.


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