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Mac OS Big Sur Beta




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Yes, there is another thread here on the Forums about this problem which I'm unable to locate at the moment.

    Most likely the installer does not recognize the OS version number for Big Sur as a valid OS for this version of the program since it was written before Big Sur was released. Until ON1 releases a version for Big Sur you will not be able to run an installer under that version of the OS. Right now the only way to get the program onto Big Sur is to install it on Mojave then update the OS.

    If you have a version installed on a Mojave boot drive you may be able to manually copy that installation to the Big Sur drive. Below is a script for completely removing all parts of the ON1 program from your system. You can use it as a guide for what you need to copy, where to copy it from, and where to copy it to. You'll have to do this booted from the Mojave OS to get past the OS protection of some of those locations. I DO NOT GUARANTEE THIS WILL WORK. I HAVE NOT TRIED IT MYSELF.


    • /Applications/ON1 Photo RAW 2020
    • /Library/Application Support/ON1
    • /Library/Frameworks/ON_____.framework
    • ~/Library/Application Support/ON1  — Make sure to export all your presets first so you can import them after reinstalling
    • ~/Library/Caches/com.ononesoftware.ON1PhotoRAW____       There are several of these
    • ~/Library/Caches/ON1 Photo RAW 2020
    • ~/Library/Preferences/com.ononesoftware.ON1______              There are several of these one for each program module 


  • Gene Sprouse

    Thanks very much for your quick response and suggested strategies.  I hope that a proper installer will come soon.

    Gene Sprouse

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    One more caveat should you try the manual installation. DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR PHOTOS LIBRARY UNTIL YOU ARE SATISFIED THAT IT DOES IN FACT WORK. I would copy a sample of my images to a new library for the beta to play with to protect your previous work.

  • Gene Sprouse

    I think I will try to restore the previous installation from Time Machine, and see if it works.  Thanks for your help.



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