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Support for Canon R5/ R6?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    You would have to ask On1, we have no way of knowing that.

  • Steve Ratts

    FYI, you can get a list of the supported cameras for On1 2020 here:

    It looks like they update that post from time to time as they release new versions. It was last updated 4 months ago, and so the R5 and R6 are not on it. I'm curious if they might be coming out with the new On1 2021 that's due out soon, but I've not see that stated yet.

    If anyone knows of or can point to such a list that would be great!

    Update: I contact On1 Tech support and they stated "We will be adding support for the R5 & R6 in our next 2021 release due out late October. Support for 2020 will be coming sometime after but I don't have any specific ETA"


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