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does ON1 have a facial recognition feature? Cannot find it in 2019.7 or 2020.5 trial



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    No, ON1 Photo RAW does not have that ability.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    However, On1 2021 will have this new feature. We're still waiting for a video that explains what it does, but it could be what you're looking for.

  • GarryG

    Kinda disappointing... no info at the link... ACDSee has had it for a couple of versions now and its getting better all the time.  was trying to also figure out the cataloging (i.e. lightroom-ish) vs browser "catalog" of file structure in windows, and its not clear there either for 2020.5/2021. 

    have 2019.7 as well as DXO PhotoLab 3 and ACDSee 2020, but was intrigued by fact that DXO NIC collection is now a plugin for ON1, but probably not able to justify the upgrade to 2021 because of the facial rec missing.

    Thanks for your responses.  Much appreciated.


  • Nitin Chandra


    ON1 does not have any equivalent of People or photo gouping/stacking so far. The upcoming feature does not mention it either. Catalogs are similar to LR...When they work.

    I can understand the facial recognition part...I have identified 1000s of people and have a decently tagged catalog in LR and it's a huge effort doing that. Although the name tags can be transferred, the face area is not...

  • Mark Perkins

    thanks for these Posts I have long awaited for the facial recognition feature to expand on1 to the rest of my staff.  Looking forward to seeing it in the near future to help manage our collection and make organizing easier.


    Thanks for your responses


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