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Ipad RAM Requirement for Mobile & 360



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    The only thing I can see regarding specs is this...

    from this article

    Q: What are the full ON1 Photo RAW for Mobile Technical Specifications?

    A: Minimum Requirements: Apple iPhone or iPad with iOS 12.3 or higher or Android phone or tablet with Android 7 (Nougat) or higher (current maintenance releases, 64-bit only).

    Recommended Requirements: Apple iPhone or iPad with iOS 13 or higher or Android phone or tablet with 64-bit Android 9 (Pie) or higher (current maintenance releases, 64-bit only).

    If you need more than that, you could contact On1 and ask them.

  • Steve Dunne

    I'm running a 2015 iPad Pro 12.9 (A1584)

    That uses the A9X dual core processor with 4GB Ram (128Gb Storage)


    I've only recently upgraded to 360 and using the iPad for preliminary editing but even this old clunker seems to handle most functions well. For close up masking and more detailed editing I still use the Desktop App but I happy with the performance so far. The Apple Pencil lags a little but for what I need it does the job well. I don't think it will ever replace the desktop app for me but it certainly provides a nicely integrated solution between iPad and Desktop.

  • James Thomson

    Thanks for that, Steve. That's the kind of thing I need, don't know why ON1 are so coy with this on IOS devices.

    I'm interested in your decision to use your desktop (PC or Mac?) for the detailed stuff as I thought the iPad could excel there, pinch to zoom specifically. Can you also expand on why it'll never replace the desktop, please?

    One more thing, I'm only a hobbyist photographer/editor, are your needs the same as mine?

  • Michael Hartmann

    I just want to give you my opinion.

    I have an IPad  Pro (A1652), 12,9 and it is very very very slow, it is too slow.

    Zooming doesn't work most of the time (also on my iphone, but I think that has nothing to do with the speed.

    Syncing takes a very long time, much more than on my Iphone XT

    To open the fotos on my ipad (not 360) takes much too long

    To get a preview on 360 takes too long and to get editable previews takes even more time.

    I'm thinking of changing to a new ipad pro or to the new ipad air.

    Just my very personal opinion.



  • James Thomson

    Appreciate that, Michael.

  • Steve Dunne

    Hi James

    I'm definitely only in the hobbyist category although have been editing photos for years using many different applications. ON1 is one of the four apps I use regularly but for me probably the easiest and best for editing. I also like the fact that all my (desktop) edits are saved in a small sidecar file rather than a duplicate and expanded copy of the original file like many other apps. It saves quite a bit on storage space.

    I use a Windows 10 Desktop PC with a 2K (2560 x 1080) monitor, HD secondary monitor and a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet for my editing.

    The strength of the Desktop Version of ON1 for me is all the presets and other add-ins that are not supported on the iPad version. I have been an ON1 Plus member for quite a few years and have accumulated quite a number of presets, LUTs and other templates. A lot I don't use but they certainly expand the capability of ON1 and give me a range of editing options to try. Also my Wacom tablet is configured with quite a number of shortcuts so I rarely have to use the keyboard or mouse. It's far more precise and easier to handle than the Apple Pencil. The desktop version is just a much smoother workflow, for me anyway.

    The zoom function on the iPad is very limited. It will only zoom a small amount (maybe 150%). Certainly nowhere near enough to do any fine and delicate brushing. Like Michael, I do find it temperamental at times. Any fine masking or local adjustments are just not possible on the iPad which is certainly a disappointment.

    For me the iPad version is just for reviewing, cropping and doing some basic tone adjustments of my photos while I'm not at home. I have too many photos and not enough free time to edit them all, so this just provides an extra opportunity to do some preliminary work when I get the chance. I only load up a few albums at a time so the number of files in the cloud at any one time is usually less than 100. Not sure if that makes any difference to the sync speed or not.

    As a standalone tool, the iPad version definitely isn't good enough (for me at least) to be my only editor. Something like Affinity Photo is a much better option but it also has a much steeper learning curve. I have it also installed on my iPad but haven't had time to master the interface yet so very rarely use it. I'm sure the ON1 App will continue to develop and improve. For now it does all I need and fills a gap in providing an opportunity to work on my photos away from home, albeit with the limited functions it has available.

  • James Thomson

    Much appreciated. Steve. Thanks for taking the time to put that on here.


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