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Export not creating jpeg as processed



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    How does it look if you export it at full size? There have been cases in the past where using the Photo Size panel could cause changes.

  • Nitin Chandra

    JPG uses a lossy compression for images. This means that data is thrown away based on the quality level you set and any size constraints. While this works for most cases, the issues show up in subtle colour changes as in gradients which is what you have here.

    As Brian said, you can try exporting in full size and/or increasing the JPG quality factor.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Are we looking at the steps in the lens flare or the fact that the second image is much darker than the other. To me, it looks like one or more filters were not applied at Export.

    The first suggestion is always to go back to Browse before Exporting to make sure all of the edits are applied before the Export.

    Note: You shouldn't HAVE to go back to Browse first, but it's a work around if Export is not working right on your PC from Edit.

  • Grant Colhoun

    Hi Brian, Nitin, and Rick,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide some input regarding my query, I really appreciate it the help.

    In export I have jpeg set at 100% quality and have had experience with banding and other artifacts appearing when exporting in jpeg previously so know what to look for with that. This was not the issue here, it was definitely not producing all the effects that I had added and had masked in. All up I had nine effects added last night when this occurred.

    After your advise I was looking to do a full size export to see what that would get me. When I went into Effects to look at what was going on I could see there were faults in the masking applied. I had added a tone effect to darken selectively. I followed this with another tone effect to lighten selectively. For some reason both of those masks were there but no masking brushing was present on either effect. They were there when I got the screen grabs above and it appears other effects layers may no longer be as I had initially created them. It's hard to tell but there's a colour shift going on too.

    This issue being discussed is less dramatic than the previous issue I had with exporting on Sunday. In that case as seen in the example here, I gave up as the dng I was working on actually looked worse and the masking was really problematic and slow.

    I've not gotten to the bottom of the issue but I can at least narrow down a few things to watch out for.

    Thanks again for the help, if you think of anything else that could narrow down the search I'm all ears.

    Kind regards,


  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    This looks like a common problem with masks. I hope this is fixed in the next update.

    If you haven't gone back to browse as suggested, try that. In either case, send these examples to on1 support.

    and include the info requested here...

  • Grant Colhoun

    Hi Rick, thanks for following up again.

    My apologies for not addressing this suggestion yesterday. Earlier this year I found this type of problem occurring when I tried to use export directly from within Effects. I changed to a process of returning to Browse by selecting 'Done'. This addressed the issue and I thought all was good from there as I experienced no further problems until the examples above.

    In both examples above I have:

    • created a version;
    • selected Edit for initial adjustments (Tone & Colour etc);
    • then onto Effects;
    • select Done, return to Browse; and
    • commence my export from there.

    In Export I reset the size in Export so any changes to framing are based on the image being exported, select size, resolution and quality (defaults for me are usually various sizes at 200px or 300px in jpeg & SRGB).

    I will take your advice to advise the On1 Support Team.

    Kind regards,


  • Pawel Szczupak

    Grant Colhoun can you try this (I do it like described below now):


    After your "select Done, return to Browser; and"

    1 go to Resize set document size long edge 1000pix

    2 add Sharpening as needed (you can now look at 100% zoom as the photo should fit now completely"

    3 press Edit button in the right ( do not do Done in Resize)

    4 in Edit you can set jpg 80% quality ( for example for file size reduction) and file name setting

    5 press Edit Now


    Does the photo look ok now?


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