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Photo RAW 2021 seems soooo slow



  • Vinny Giannino

    I think those of us who have been around RAW for a while can agree we have seen some strange things happening. People with both MACs and Windows have reported over the years that they have good and bad experiences. There seems to be no rhyme or reason of why some people have issues. Although I have not updated to 2021, I will say recently my 2020.5 seems to be acting up and I was thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling to hopefully eliminate the issues. Since being in the ON1 RAW world there have been quite a few people who were frustrated with its performance, some on super speced out computers. I was totally there with RAW 2017! My only advice to those who are having issues is to use the script that eliminates ON1 totally, use CCLEANER or something similar to clear out your registry (I do it at least 2x and it does pick things up the second time), reboot your computer, turn off your anti-virus and install as an administrator. It can work and hopefully will work.

  • Tim Mayer

    Yes, I've been in this situation before - I think it was very slow masking performance in 2018.   The masking brush would lag behind mouse movements by seconds.  Thankfully it was fixed with the next release though. 

    The real problem for me is the amount of time spent trying to identify the root cause.  I'm always thinking it's something related to my hardware, or windows or perhaps some other application or driver on my system.  I have yet to find any of these as a root cause of my performance problems - almost always it's something in PR that gets fixed with the next incremental release.

  • Yvan Bedard

    Each time there is something going faster and something going slower. I spend a lot of time reporting to tech support. This time, the brushes have become way slower, the new retouch tools leave ghosts images when creating masks with "color range" or "lumen" (this will be solved according to Nathan), it is not possible to retouch certain scenes without the old Clone Stamp (this will be solved according to Nathan), exporting has become painfully slow once again, etc. Support team are great guys (respond fast) and the main reason I'm still with On1 (in addition to great training tools). Nevertheless, every new major version makes me look at other raw editors for at least one month. One day, I may end up switching, but probably not yet if they come rapidly with an improved version 2021.1. 

    I know other raw editors also have their problems, choosing our raw editor is like choosing the kind of problems we want to cope with.

    PR2021 looks good, I just hope it could support my professional photo activities properly.

  • Alessandro Scuderi

    I have experienced same slowness on brushes and masking and few usage on CPU-GPU (25-30% cpu and less than 20% GPU) with all the suggestion above and with tech support ( i have made a large amount of detail about my machine and what On1 is not fast on all area of use).

    My machine has 9 yo motherboard but all the other parts are new or updated with 8core cpu 4.3ghz Amd FX, 6 GB Nvidia video card, 16 GB ram, windows 10 64bit last update, 525 SSD and 4 TB HDD for storage.

    My actual situation: On1 works well (and much better of 2020 last bug and crashes update) but effects panel are slow when i switch from one to another, brushes at start goes well and only sometimes it become slow after half of hour use or more and happen when i use on multiple layers or On1 photo file. On Raw files works better and deactivate all the effects when i use brushes improve speed, but it is not a real solution because as i say at start CPU and GPU (optimized on preference in On1 in Nvidia panel and in windows) use few resources and that's makes the slowness. If On1 with future (serious work of staff on this area) update make full access on CPU and GPU the speed i am sure will be improved and slowness will be forget by all like us are talk here to a solution doesn't came without i repeat serious work of On1 staff to the access of On1 on GPU an CPU.

    Of course i wait for restore of the clone function on retouch panel and maybe improving with the new shape function that will be useful in retouch and clone....

  • Pawel Szczupak

    I have a 4 years old PC with i5 6th gen CPU and I have always complained about the performance since 2018 :) But 2021 is running pretty well in my case. It is not as smooth as CaptureOne, but I can play with photos now. Even with sky replacement. 

    There are no issues with masks being somehow wrongly saved on exporting, perfect brush works again (last working was in Perfect Effects 10, or how was the jpg version called).

    Regarding masking with colour - in my case there is no change in mask visible until I move the slider left/right. The mask appears and after that it seems to be correct.

    I have also measured GPU usage with GUP-Z and during a complete process of  a photo it jumped up to 70%, value I have never seen before on my PC.


    Forgot to mention: software crashed twice, but after export. So the photo was ready, export done and when returned to browse module SW stopped working.


    And sometimes after back from edit module the preview is not showing. In film strip view, for example, the big view is gray and also the miniature. Sometimes clicking another photo and back to the edited one helps.

  • Tim Mayer

    There is an update for PR 2021, and after a quick initial test it appears to have fixed my performance issues.  

    Hopefully everyone else finds the same benefits from the latest version (9794)

  • Christian Funk

    I had a dramatic speed improvement when I pulled the network plug out of my PC. No Internet - PR 2021 runs fast. Network cable plugged in: there are permanently lags of about 30 seconds when changing from Develop to Browse without significant use of CPU/GPU/memory/drives.


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