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  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    How would that work in On1? Is it another way to select an area to make a mask?

  • john shaw

    You would select part of your image eg with the marching ants - you then work within that selection maybe using the clone tool etc or you can invert the selection so that the inside is protected and you can work on the outside of the selection. A mask does not work in the same way - how do you select just part of a image then work on it using retouching tools etc

    If you are removing something say next to a wall the polygon tool will enable you to work right up to the wall without any editng bleeding over to the other part of the image a mask cannot do that.  A polygon tool would be valuble tool for thousands of  photographers etc.


  • Jochen Wienke

    Yes, I agree. It makes me a bit wonder why it's not there already as especialloy in context of an application where you want to have as much editing afterwards still removable or adjustable.

    It would not replace the brushs but for cases where you want especially clear and sharp edges it is much more precise. And similar like with the new healing/new clone stamp tool you could move that polygon afterwards or even re-adjust the "anker points". This is a thing by the way that wondered me a bit why they didn't already offered (in addition not as a replacement) to the new healing/clone stamp brush. I can move that polygon afterwards but not adjust anymore. The moving is a good thing for the source content you want to copy the contents from. But for the target srea you want to replace it's not so important that it's movable afterwards. But better having it adjustable if you didn't make everything perfect right from the beginninng. without doing everything again.

    If this idea is published for voting let me know, I will definitely do. :-)


  • David Price

    It must be about five years ago by now.  But ON1 did have the Line Mask Tool.  This could be clicked and drawn around an object to define a mask.  It was useful when trying to maks around window frames, etc.   But, for some reason they dropped it.  It was a useful masking tool, and I would welcome it back. 


  • andrea pedrazzini

    I fully agree, it would be a very usefull tool.

    John, Is there any link to the request in Photo Raw Project in order support it?

  • john shaw

    Thanks All you can post your comments / support below

    If we all support thisd it may get included in upgrades.....  John


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