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On1 360: Original files vs editable preview



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    That contradicts what this FAQ says...

    The ON1 Photo RAW 360 service synchronizes your photos, including their metadata, versions and edits across all your devices, without having to store your original photos in the cloud.

    Here is another FAQ if you haven't seen it...

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    When you first Publish the Catalog or Album you are asked if you want to sync original or the editable previews. You have to set your choice at that time then all images published to that Album/Catalog will but published in that way.

  • Jens Hartmann

    Thanks a lot Rick! Your answer motivated me to have a deeper look into this issue.

    I imported a ORF file to On1 Mobile from my pictures which I never used before in On1 (to avoid any "cache" effect). After a few seconds, it appears on my desktop (no "OG" logo on the file yet!). But when i try to export it from here, I get an error message that the preview file is not available yet. This seems perfectly logic since it takes some time for the ON1 server to generate the preview file. As soon as the file shows the small "OG" logo on the bottom right, the upload has finished. From this time point on, I am able to export the file on my desktop, but I get the warning message mentioned in my first posting.

    Then I realized that when I right click in On1 Desktop on the files on my iPad, I get the option "Download Original..". I was curious if the original will be downloaded from the cloud or directly from my iPad. Therefore, I turned OFF my iPad, then I klicked "Download original...". And guess what happend: I got the original file!

    As far as I understand these findings, this means: The original files from the mobile devices are uploaded to the server. The server generates an editable preview, and on the other devices you work with editable previews in order to get a faster workflow with "almost original" quality. If you need full quality from the original file, you can download it. A very intelligent solution.

    In contrast to the Desktop version, on mobile devices you cannot chose if you would like to sync the original files or the editable preview. I think I learned a lot in the past 30 minutes. Thanks again!



  • Jens Hartmann

    Thanks Brian. I know this option is available when I publish from ON1 Desktop version. But this option is not available in ON1 mobile. Obviously, always original files are uploaded when using On1 mobile.  See previous post.


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