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Final Upgrade to PR2020



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I'm not using 2020 anymore so can't answer your question, but 2020.6 is as good as it's going to get. I think you're going to have to try it yourself to see, but you should hang on to the 2020.1 installer just in case you want to roll back.

  • Nitin Chandra

    I tried it. Is faster than 2021 and crashes a lot less than the earlier 2020 releases. The option to not create .on1 sidecar files is not fixed in 2020.6, so, went back to 2021. The 360 cloud access also seems fixed for people not using it.

  • Carl Traub

    I upgraded from 2020.1, then 2020.5, then to 2020.6.  I'm not sure what specific problems you were concerned  about with 2020.5, so I can't say if 2020.6 is better in that regard.  I had a lot of crashing problems with 2020.1 that I think went away with 2020.5. But I can't say if the crash resolution was due to fixes, or just due to me disabling all caching. ( With caching enabled, my PC was utterly useless, even after days of allowing On1 Raw to process what it thought needed to be done. All the while, my CPU, GPU, and disk never exceeded 5% utilization. And caching seems to get re-enabled each time I upgrade or am asked by tech support to do an uninstall/re-install.  So I have to keep manually disabling it. [Note - this should be a simple checkbox in the settings] )

    At the recommendation of support, I have had to uninstall/re-install .1 and .5 several times due to random unexplained corruption of the On1 settings (another pet peeve) causing display issues.

    I did start noticing a new display problem in 2020.6 where just the image displayed is corrupted or completely black.  The tool bars and menus are fine, just the image is bad. Making any minor adjustment or zooming the image fixes the display, so it isn't critical.  I came to the community page to see if anyone else is seeing this issue with 2020.6 but don't see anyone discussing yet.  I'm using full screen on a 4k monitor, and my video drivers are up to date.



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